La Locanda del Mirto

La Locanda del Mirto


Poached egg with bottarga 20
Squids bitter sweet * 22
Eggplant rolls 22
Land food Appetizers 25
Gran tasting of sheep and goat cold cuts platter
Goat ham, sheep ham, em sheep fillet
Wild boar salami tasting
Fillet, rump, wild boar Su Sirboni
Spicy Pecorino cheese ice cream 7
Pecorino cheese ice cream 7
Mix tasting of pecorino cheese 18
Pata Negra Bellota Iberian ham 35
Fried egg with Bottarga 15
Mangalica ham 28
Sardinian Ham from the Genuina of Ploaghe 25
Sardinian Ham from the Villagrande Strisaili 28
Iberian ham Jamon Bellota Preto 40 months 40

*the product may be frozen

Land First Course

Locanda’s ricotta cheese balls° 16
Ravioli filled with ricotta and pecorino cheese° 16
Sweet Ravioli from Gallura° 16
Gnochetti (little dumplings) of the island° 18
Potato culurgiones° 16
Andarinos al rugò sardo 20
Gallura’s soup (Cuata)° 18
Lados Maccarones de Punzu with wild boar sauce° 16
Gramigna ai sapori di Sardegna 16
Lorighittas with sheep sauce from the Genuina di Ploaghe 18
Zichi (bread – pasta) with mutton sauce with Fiore di Gavoi cheese 18
Pane Frattau su prenotazione 16
Filindeu 22

° Fresh pasta made in our development laboratories

Fish First Course

“Locanda” fish ravioli 21
Black homemade tagliolini with seafood° 18
Passatelli with Mussel and Pecorino cheese° 18
Black Gnochetti cacio e pepe with seafood° 18

° Fresh pasta made in our development laboratories

Meats Second Course

Meatballs in tomato sauce 18
Puff pastry with Pecorino cheese 18
Tagliata of beef filet mignon 38
Tartare of beef filet mignon 30
Rolled of meat with Mortadella and Pecorino 25
Braciola di Tigrinto allevato allo stato brado 28
Breaded Lamb Chops 35
Grilled Angus rib steak 38
Grilled beef “Bavetta” (cut of meat (350 gr) 25
Jappanese Wagyu (200/250 gr.) 210
Panada – Puff-pastry of lamb with artichokes and potatoes – reservation required
for two people
Porcetto (roast whole Sardinian pig) – reservation required 38
Tomahowk USA (per kg) 95
Pluma iberica of Patanegra 35
Segreto iberico di Pata Negra 35
Black Angus Australia sirloin waterfall 38
Picanha (per kg) 75
Tagliata of picanha (350 gr.) 32
Tartare di bisonte 40
bistecca disossata di bisonte 50

° Fresh pasta made in our development laboratories

Fishes Second Course

Seafood Mussels* 16
Arcipelago soup with clams, mussels, prawns, shrimps *
Red prawns*
Red prawns*
grilled, salted or raw (no tartare)

*the product may be frozen

Dry aged beef

Loin of Black Angus – Spain (per kg) 85
Loin of Mertolenga – Portugal (per kg) 75
Wagyu loin (per kg)
– bred in Italy –
Loin steak Galiziana Roxa D’Ouro (per kg) 98
Loin steak Black Angus Australia (per kg) 78
Loin steak B/A nazionale extra marezzata (per kg) 75
Loin steak vacca stark polacca (per kg) 65
Dutch loin steak Red Queen (per kg) 75
Finnish sirloin choco line (per kg) 78
Galician ox (per kg) 110
Loin steak Swami (per kg) 75
Loin steak Red Queen (per kg) 75
Loin steak Vacca clandestina (per kg) 85
Loin steak Rubia Galega (per kg) 98
Vacca puta asturiana galiziana (per kg) 83
Loin steak Irish Marble (per kg) 78
Loin steak Sakura Hanami – Gentleman (per kg) 88
Loin steak Sakura Hanami – La nostra padovana (per kg) 75
Free-range pork tomahawk (per kg) 50
Free-range pork T-Bone (per kg) 50
Lombata di Bisonte 180
Lombata angus bellota 82
lombata galiziana 75

Side Dishes

Mixed Salad 5
Sauteed vegetables 7
Natural fried chips 7
Escarole 7
Rocket salad cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese 6


S’aranzada 8
Pineapple caramelized with ice cream 15
Seadas 8
Raviolone 8
Fresh Peaches in Mirto 7
Cheesecake 7
Mix of pastry from Sardinia 15
Pompia typical sweet Sardinian 10
Lemon Sorbet 5

Ice Cream

Lemon ice cream 8
Tartufo 8
Tiramisù no glutine no lattosio 8
Coconut ice cream 8
Chocolate ice cream 8
Gelato alla cannella 8
Gelato al mango 8
Gelato pina colada 8
Gelato alla vaniglia 8
Gelato al mirto 8


Water 2
Coffee espresso 2
Soft drinks 3
Beer 33 cl 3,5
Beer 66 cl 5

Drinks -Liquors

Homemade myrtle 8
Non-crafted myrtle 5
Filu e Ferru 5
Glen Grant, Jack Daniel’s
Laphroaig, Oban, Lagavulin
Cognac Hennessy XO 25
Grape brandy
Aged in wood
Grappa OF Amarone
Barrique Bonollo
Ron Zacapa XO
Gran Riserva
Ron Don Papa – Ron Zacapa Sistema 23 Solera G.R. – 15
Ron Santiago de Cuba XO 25 years 25
Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra anejo 20 years 18
Hibicki Japanese Whisky – Nikka Japanese Whisky 18
Tequila Don Julio 10

Sparkling wines and dessert wines

Sweet wine B69 28
Moscato di Gallura 18
Passito (glass ) 6
Service € 3,00

Tell the staff if you have food intolerances. Thank you!